Bill Cosby to be Charged With Alleged Sexual Assault

Original AP Post: Bill Cosby will be charged in the investigation of an alleged sexual assault more than a decade ago, two people familiar with a prosecutor's decision said Wednesday.

The two people spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because Montgomery County prosecutors had yet to make the announcement. Prosecutors were set to announce the results of their investigation Wednesday at 10 a.m.

It's the first criminal case against Cosby over his conduct with women, which has received new scrutiny in the past year. The 78-year-old comedian previously said under oath that he had consensual sexual contact with the woman.

A former Temple University employee told police the comedian drugged and violated her at his home near Philadelphia in 2004.

A previous district attorney declined to charge Cosby in 2005.

Prosecutors reopened the case over the summer as damaging testimony was unsealed in a related civil lawsuit against Cosby and as dozens of other women came forward with similar accusations that made a mockery of his image as the wise and understanding Dr. Cliff Huxtable from TV's The Cosby Show.

Many of those alleged assaults date back decades, and the statute of limitations for bringing charges has expired in nearly every case. But Pennsylvania law gives prosecutors up to 12 years for some sex crimes, with the clock running out on this case in January.

The former university employee settled her lawsuit against Cosby in 2006 on confidential terms.

UPDATE: In a press conference Wednesday (Dec. 30), Montgomery Country, PA First Assistant District Attorney Kevin R. Steele confirmed the D.A.'s office -- in light of new information revealed in 2015 -- has reopened a case against Bill Cosby related to an alleged 2004 assault.

Cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault, a felony, for allegedly sexually assaulting (via vaginal penetration) a former Temple University basketball player. The woman accusing Cosby said she considered him a "mentor and friend" prior to the comedian's alleged rape. After rejecting two alleged sexual advances from Cosby prior to the incident, the D.A. office said Cosby allegedly "urged her to take pills and drink wine… the effect of which made her unable to move and respond." Steele was careful to point out that some of the case's basic facts have already been established, including that the alleged victim was given pills.

Cosby will have to attend the upcoming arraignment.