A team of hackers have demonstrated a low-level hack of the PlayStation 4 recently, and they managed to get Pokemon running on it.

Fail0verflow, the same group responsible for hacking the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Wii U bypassed the PS4’s security and installed a custom version of Linux. As seen in the video below at the 3:50 mark, a modded version of Pokemon Emerald called “Pokemon PlayStation Version” is shown running on the console.

In a blog post on fail0verflow’s website, the hackers noted the PS4 hardware does resemble PC hardware but “it is not a PC, and Linux needs quite a bit of extra work to get running.”

Fail0verflow also notes 3D acceleration, USB, and HDMI audio is a “work-in-progress” in its Linux OS.

While piracy is a concern when hacking consoles, fail0verflow does hope there is a “net positive effect”.

“If we can get people interested in running Linux on the PS4 over using the native OS, we can redirect efforts away from reverse engineering the original software infrastructure (which is what the piracy guys need, and they inevitably leech off of those efforts) to Linux (which is completely useless for piracy),” said fail0verflow.

The PS4 Linux port is available to the public via fail0verflow’s website, but is mostly useless to end-users.