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    Free Internet Program Shut Down in Egypt

    Facebook seems to be very disappointed by the closure of the service in Egypt that provided access to the worldwide web without data charges to more than 3 million people. However, the company still hopes that the situation will be resolved in the near future.

    Facebook officially complained that a program that had been providing free basic online services to over 3 million citizens of the country has been shut down. In its statement to the media, the social network announced that it was very disappointed by the shutdown of the program and hopes to “resolve this situation”, meaning that the program can be restored in the near future.

    Facebook explained that the service, which was shutdown on the 30th of December, provided access to the worldwide web without data charges, including to over a million people who were not previously connected. This program was launched with Etisalat Egypt a few months ago and was even highlighted at an entrepreneurship fair in Cairo. Unfortunately, neither Etisalat nor Egyptian officials explained the reasons for the shutdown.

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    i hope to solve this situation

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