The stats project continues with three updates today! First is an addition to the collage statistics series, this time focusing on Chart-type collages. Head on over to check out the Top 102 Releases by Chart Collages Best of 2011: September 2012. Next is an update to last year's trivia post. The Trivia posts collects odds and ends from all of the other stats work, and contains fascinating details about the biggest, best, worst, and first What.CD has to offer. What.CD Fifth Anniversary Trivia! Finally, this year's Graphic Superfluity of What.CD statistics, October 2012. Stats and more stats! What artists are truly the most popular? What are our favourite genres? What codecs generate the most traffic? If these are the sorts of questions that interest you, we've got answers. Prepare for an overload of graphs, spreadsheets, extensive analysis and even math.