With the massive loss of homes in the wake of Super Storm Sandy and the direct impact of some of our member's and staff being affected by this massive storm BSP is going to support its member's and the cause by donating all donations provided to BSP from now until Sunday November 4th 11:59 pm to 5 different charities in the Eastern seaboard. Ranging from the Red Cross feed the children medical supplies and more. We plan on driving down to the coast on Tuesday with Clothing food water generators and more. Every penny we collect will go towards helping who ever we can. With a large group of member's on BSP coming from the east coast we felt this was a time that we could step up and really support the cause and give back to our member's who have always been there when we needed help. It's now our turn to help its members and staff.

Paypal is waiving all fee's related to donations. All promo's and even normal donations amounts will be used in filling 2 trucks provided to us. So we need your help for fuel food blankets tents generator's flash lights and much much more. We have 2 53 foot trailers to fill. Anything above the trailers will be forwarded to the red cross and other relief funds. The trucks will be leaving Canada heading for New York State with the impact being so small here we have plenty of stock in stores to fill these trucks. but we need all the help we can get. So please donate what ever you can.