To improve our site and your experiences at TVN, we want to announce that without penalty all members are allowed to download just the SAMPLE (if that is a file within the selected torrent) from torrents they are interested in to check audio and video quality.

Since we recommend the use of UTorrent we will cover how to check our site to see if SAMPLE is listed, then within Utorrent how to download only the sample.

When you select a torrent from our vast listing on TVN, below the Like and download icons, you will see gray boxes with white lettering: DETAILS, COMMENTS, IMBD, SIMILAR TORRENTS, SUB TITLES, NFO, FILES and SCREENSHOTS. You will want to put your cursor on the box marked FILES and click it. That will show you all the applicable FILES that make up that particular Torrent. “IF” you see a FILE marked SAMPLE then this torrent qualifies for you to ONLY download the SAMPLE before deciding whether or not you want the entire torrent. REMEMBER downloading SAMPLE is without penalty. If the torrent selected qualified then go back up click LIKE then DOWNLOAD icons.

The torrent will now appear on your UTorrent page. Left click to highlight your torrent then go down to light gray boxes that read: GENERAL, TRACKERS, PEERS, PIECES, FILES, SPEED and LOGGER and LEFT CLICK the box marked FILES. RIGHT CLICK on files OTHER THAN SAMPLE, then LEFT CLICK and select DON’T DOWNLOAD.

This way ONLY your SAMPLE file will download and you can decide once it has downloaded whether you want to go ahead and download the entire torrent.