2016-01-11 12:51:41 - PayPal Donations Back, Contest Coming PayPal Donations Back, Contest Coming Soon!

PayPal Donations Back, Contest Coming Soon!

  • The PayPal issues we mentioned in the Birthday News post have been resolved. We have added PayPal back to the Donation page as an option, but please note we are no longer using the PayPal button and instead have listed a link that you should copy and paste into your browser's address bar. Please read the instructions on the donation page for further details on PayPal donations. Rest assured despite the change in the donation process from before, your PayPal donations are still going directly to us, and always for the use of the site server fund only. We appreciate any members that can spare a bit to help us meet the 100% mark well before the next yearly bill is due May 2016!

  • We will be holding a small Contest soon! Details will be coming on that soon (in the form of a Forum Topic and an update to this News Post), and the contest will be starting on February 1st! Those that remember the Christmas Competition of 2013 and 2014 will have some insight as to what this contest will be like.

  • A Special Thanks to all the Internal Encoders/Uploaders who did so much the past few months, especially during the long site Birthday/Holiday Celebrations! Also thanks to all the regular guys, just trying to fill the gaps, fill some requests, and share some content that isn't on the site yet. All of your efforts are very much appreciated!