Dear friends,

We are already a couple weeks into 2016 and it’s time to forget about vacations, drinking, eating, partying and get back to work. We had some issues with the scene autoupload bot which is currently being solved now.

We want to apologize again for the v1 delay, I know it looks bad that we haven’t held our promise here but this was unfortunately not in our control. To cut this short the DEVs which promised to deliver did not so this got delayed yet again.
Because of this we decided to open DEV applications again so if someone from the community wants to join now is the time to do so (Thank you in advance!).

Previous applicants who joined were very lackadaisical and only came to help for a few days for reasons unknown.
Any DEV who wants to help will not get access to users related information (ip's, email's, history, etc.), so do not apply with the intention to gain access to these things. The development platform is runnning on a stripped database which does not contain any sensitive information. The reason behind this is to protect our userbase and not to restrict the developers. If you want to apply for a DEV position only to get access to our code base or the users info don't bother.

The most important thing is that we will start working on our own platform. It's good that we have a working platform but Gazelle is a mess and hard to work on (especially if you are a TV/Movie tracker).
While we work on v1 so people can enjoy that, we will also work hand in hand on a new platform which we hope to deploy in the summer. This may look weird because instead on focusing on one project we try to finish 2 at the same time but rest asure this was well planned and the resources will not overlap. The new platform will not be written in PHP which means another group of developers, some of them already commited, will work on it).
Dev recruiment thread here.

In conclusion, we want to ask for your forgiveness again, and we hope in the mean time you will enjoy the content of the site and trust us like you have the past year.

PS: The invites will be open again soon for all users (except runner class) and implemented how we discussed together in the invite poll thread.