What.CD has successfully made a five year journey down a long and unpredictable road. In celebration of this achievement, we're overjoyed to bring you our fifth day of birthday celebrations. Today we're offering the culmination of our Pick What.CD's Brain feature, another Developer update, the final blast of the Stats Overdrive project, winner announcements for our Summer of Style and Pumpkin Panic contests, two special gifts, a round of picks from those fabled Legends who once helped run the site and mysterious Halloween antics which should help you party throughout the night. Enjoy, and thanks for being members of What.CD.

For our final day of birthday celebrations, we're giving one invite to everyone in the User and Member classes whose ratios are at least 0.7, provided they don't have any invites right now, and have invite privileges. For everyone else, we'll be running the invites script early. What.CD is nothing without its users, and we hope that you'll all use this gift to help grow our population. Remember that it's important to use your invites responsibly: do not invite users you know have had accounts on the site before, and invite trading or selling is expressly forbidden.