We are back! It took us almost 3 weeks to find a suitable intermediary server but our "fracas" with our former ISP in December forced our hand to go offline so abruptly. This server, for the time being a rented one, is already several times faster than our old hardware. We are also running on a brand new system configuration with daemons reconfigured positively from scratch. Performance gain should be instantly noticeable. All of this is still only around 1/5 of what our own hardware can deliver, which we will want to deploy as soon as we figure out site finances (which is the next most important matter to be resolved).

We will never go down no matter what! This is a serious promise.

Major new stuff:
List We are now powered by a true (BSD) Unix using its most advanced features
List We are fully hardware and software encrypted (AES-128/256) using a layered encryption scheme.
List Everything is being backed up effortlessly using ZFS filesystem snapshots and cloning every few hours. We will never go back in time or lose any data.
List The site is now served in full over HTTP/2

In other words, quite very much "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".
Be aware that we are still looking at how things are working together. If something doesn't work, it will be fixed.

Pending issues:
List Hostnames don't resolve. To be fixed. They will work tomorrow.

If you notice something not working, let me (DarkMagic) know by a personal message.
If you want to express how excited you are to see us online again,..........