All New Members Please Be Sure To Read Our Rules and FAQ

BeyondHD has made some changes to its FAQ regarding VPNs and Proxy's

you may not use Tor or another public proxy to browse BHD. However, with prior staff approval, you may use a private proxy such as a VPN on your seedbox. For a proxy to be considered private, it must have a dedicated IP and you must be the only user on it. If you would like to request permission to use such a proxy send a Staff PM. However, you may seed/leech through whatever means you would like to. Proxy or no. These rules come into effect for browsing of beyondhd, not seeding/leeching.

The Rules:

Before using any IP other than your home IP to access BHD's website, you must send a Staff PM. requesting approval of the IP.

Approval is given on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed. If your account is new we'll likely ask you to establish yourself first.

We will only consider approving dedicated IPs. If another person has access to the IP then it is not dedicated.

If approval is granted, we reserve the right to require you to log in from your home connection at any time.

These restrictions do not apply to accessing the tracker. You are free to use any IP you like with the tracker.

Some Examples:


Tunneling through your seedbox slot. Slot almost always means that the server, and thus the IP, is shared.

Most VPN services - these rarely offer a dedicated IP for each user.

Public proxies - public means you aren't the only person with access to the IP.

Tor - this should be obvious, but Tor doesn't offer a dedicated IP.

Private Internet Access (PIA), special mention because of popularity, they use shared IP's, will never be allowed for site access. Seeding/leeching is ok.


Tunneling through a dedicated server. Although usually allowed, you still need to send a Staff PM. prior to using the tunnel.


These rules help us keep BHD free from cheaters, traders, sellers, buyers, and other abusive users by ensuring each user has a unique IP. If you use a shared IP and an abusive user happens to use it also we have no way of differentiating you from them. When that happens we're forced to disable your account permanently, even if you did nothing wrong. Following these rules doesn't only help the staff team protect BHD, it also protects your account.