Hello iPT Member,

This message is to inform you that if you are using a disposable temporary E-Mail address then your email is in violation of IPT Rules. You need to change your email to a secure email within 30 days or your account will be disabled. This is for your protection as much as ours.

Secure emails are google, hotmail/live, yahoo,AOL, Comcast, all local ISP provider emails are fine. etc. ( Just don't use one time E-Mail address or fake emails under your profile).

Emails not allowed are mailinator and any other disposable temporary E-Mail address/such that are considered disposable.

To change your email please click on your profile and select change email. You will need to enter your current password when making this change. Once you have made the change on IPT, please go to your secure email and click on the link we send you. That will validate the change. If you fail to follow this step, the change will not take place.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

iPT Staff