First Line Support Applications :

BeyondHD Wants YOU to be part of our First Line Support team

BHD is looking to expand our internal team to help with the expansion of the site.

What is first line support(FLS)?

The FLS team, will answer members questions, check torrents, monitor Shoutbox, forums and IRC and generally assist with the running of the site. FLS is a stepping stone to becoming a moderator. Each FLS member will be assisted by an experienced staff member. 

We're looking for individuals who can meet these requirements:

Team Player
Has been a member for at least 3 months
Knows their way around the site
Willing to help others
Willing to judge users fair and evenly
Has some activity in social areas of the site such as the shoutbox, forums, IRC
Has some knowledge of BitTorrent, clients, IRC, various video/audio formats and codecs, trackers in general
Not currently a staff member of any other site
No past or present affiliation with any invite forums
Can check in with the site at least once per day unless prior notice is given
Able to be on IRC whenever they're online

We would also like to have staff available 24 hours a day so having users apply from
various timezones would be great but not necessarily required.

If you can meet these requirements then PM date us with the subject "FLS Application",
and in the body of the PM include the below application with your answers filled in.

1. Why do you want to be a member of the first line support team?

2. What makes you a good fit for the position?

3. Do you have any prior moderating/staff experience? If so, list it here.

4. Roughly how much time per day can you devote to the site?

5. What hours of the day are you usually available? Give a rough time frame and your timezone

Those picked for the position will be trialled first and thus be under extra scrutiny.