As you may have already read in a PM from ACIDKINGDonor, we will be moving the site to a new server as part of planned maintenance where we will be upgrading our hardware to hopefully prevent any future hardware failures and to upgrade the current SSD's to newer ones, This will be taking place on Friday 29th January, This current server will be switched off so we can make backups and transfer them while the DNS propagation is taking place (domains being moved), all going well your clients should should turn green and carry on as if nothing has happened 1-48 hours after the switch has been made , as soon as you see a login page appear it should be good to go, however it may take the full 48 hours for it to be fully sorted for some users. so unfortunately there will be downtime for some.

Any problems or you would like any info please feel free to join our irc and ask in there, so it might be a good idea just now to check that your email address is correct on your account and you know your password as you will be logged out. Note down the irc details just in case you experience any problems getting back in.

If you have a AciD-lounge e-mail address can you please login and save or forward any mail or contacts that you wish to keep as we will NOT be transferring them over, If you had an account before you will get another when we move so don't worry.