Hello ,

After removing unwanted and inactive accounts we deicided to open the sign up page to allow new members to join Bitleechers. I am not sure how long we will keep the open sign ups, but it wont be much longer. Maybe until February 1st or until we have 2000 members in the database. As you should know after the open sign ups are closed staff will go through inactive accounts again and eliminate the inactive accounts. I don't like to show fake stats on Bitleechers like other sites do. I like to reflect the true stats of what we have for all members to see.

I am looking for members who would like to Upload. Uploading is what keeps the site going beside other things. If you have a seedbox or server with room and would like to upload, then contact staff or join IRC Chat by clicking on the CHAT tab on Bitleechers. If you have a homeline and would like to upload then we will grant you access to the upload page according to your homeline speeds. For instance if you have a 10mbps speed we would allow you to upload roughly a 1.4 GB file. So, it all depends on your homeline up speed.

I am also looking for Moderators who would like to help out around the site. Tasks include Editing Torrents, making sure torrents are in the right Category, monitoring IRC and Forums. If you have the time and think you can do this or learn how to do these tasks, contact staff through the Help Desk or IRC Chat.

I have added a few more options on the Bonus page for Trade In. Simply click on your Bonus at the top left of any page to check them out. I may add more options in the near future. If you have any racommendations then let staff know and we will discuss wheather or not to add the new option.

As some of you already know Bitleechers has been online for several years now. I can't say things have been easy. A little over 3 years ago Bitleechers was born. Through those years many things have happend. Bitleechers was accused for many things that were NOT true as some who bashed Bitleechers were confussed about another site calle Bit Leech or some shit. There is logs all over about it. Then you have the idiots who use to be members of Bitleechers were banned for flamming or creating drama on the site who would go bash us making themselves look like a total moron. Funny we knew who most of them members were and just blew it off. Now recently the old Ownership decided to give up and with little time within a weeks notice staff and myself ran around to develope and put together a new Bitleechers. Believe me this was not an easy task. Staff and myself along with a few loyal members spent a lot of money to bring you the new Bitleechers domain. The old Bitleechers was a Ratio Free System. The new Bitleechers is a Ratio System. I am not quite sure at this point if the transformation is a good thing or a bad thing. I do know that we have as many active members if not more than the old Bitleechers at this time. It may seem good at the current time, but with more active members it could be much better. Time will tell wheather or not the new Bitleechers will be successful in this transformation. Again any ideas on how to improve Bitleechers, please let staff know or make a Forum post. The new Bitleechers is run differently then the old Bitleechers. We just couldn't let Bitleechers die like some hoped for. Bitleechers is under new ownership with some of the same staff who have helped both the new and old Bitleechers. Haters will hate, but they love to hate us!

Thank You For Your Time,