• Jan-29-16 - We can no longer accept donations via Skrill! - (pjcnet)
  • Back in October we had our Paypal account suspended including funds that were just about to be paid to our host, that month the staff paid the host in order to save the site. Since then I setup 2 donations methods including Bitcoin and Skrill. Understandably without the convenience of Paypal a lot less members have become donors, but thanks to some kind members we have been able to get by this far. Unfortunately it now appears that our Skrill account along with some funds that were going towards paying the host in about 11 days have been frozen too, luckily after our Paypal problems we only kept a limited amount in this account and we can still just about cover February's bill, but it's obviously still very worrying news for the future of BCG, especially since most of our donations have been via Skrill since our Paypal suspension.

    Trying to find suitable donation methods has become more and more difficult as like Paypal other payment processors no longer allow donations to file sharing sites and many have introduced strict verification procedures. Currently we can only take donations via Bitcoin, although I have added some more information to our Donation page which includes details on how to quickly buy a limited amount of Bitcoin without the need to verify your identity. We are also urgently looking for any other alternative donation methods.

    To discuss this further please see the Donation Situation Discusssion, Comments & Suggestions thread.