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    Support: 10/10
    Plan: Semi-Dedi (2 users)
    Line Speed: 100mbit
    Space: 500GB
    Traffic: 5TB (You can always get extra for only a few dollars)
    GUI: ruTorrent
    Speed of GUI: 10/10

    My experience:
    I am so happy that I have to go around telling people my experience with SeedRoots. First let me confirm to you that I am not the owner, staff, partner or anything related to SeedRoots. I am purely a happy customer.

    I have been torrenting for a while, and I have been using seedbox since perhaps 2-3 years back. I have tried dozens of seedbox, some were good, and some I don't even want to use it again. But I haven't been so happy with one seedbox until I ran into seedroots earlier. They are an honest company, do what they promise and with good support. I purchase my box when "Instant Setup" is available, and I literally got my box instantly. Within seconds of payment, I was putting my first torrent file into the box. The speed was good, for a 100mbit box, I kept seeing over 7MB/s download. The torrents I put in so fast is rather old, so I didn't see very fast upload speed but I still see 3-4MB/s. Support is fast and good that I am not worry to run into troubles because I know someone is there to help when I needed, although, I have yet run into any trouble at all. By all mean, for this price and quality, I really don't have to look anywhere else. I really love SeedRoots!!
    Happy Seeding everyone!

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