Hardware Failure/48 Hours Free Leech:

Roughly 24 hours ago A4N became unconnectable and originally we thought this was an issue with our Cloudflare (DDoS protection) service. But after receiving confirmation from them that everything was fine, we received word from our host that there was a hardware failure on our server.

Our hard drive died, and all data was lost. They have replaced the hard drive and we have restored a backup, which is a few days old.

Therefore we will be having a Free Leech on ALL Torrents for the next 48 hours.

If members have donated and have logged in to see they have no longer received upload credit. Please send me a PM, along with the Order ID/Email address used when donating.

Any torrents uploaded over the past few days will need to be re-uploaded, and we would greatly appreciate that! Thank you for your patience during this time.