New update Regulation - Users:

1. User should be minimal in order to make the request.
2. Those who warn and / or blacklist are not entitled to make the request.
Uploader + are excluded from this rule.
3. You are entitled to one avatar within two weeks, those who violate the rule will receive warn two weeks.
Uploader + have the right to make a claim once a week.
4. No avatars containing pornography explicit cruelty to animals or humans.
5. Acknowledgement is made by PM or by editing the post.
6. Do not post avatars if you are not in the team, otherwise you will be punished to warn one (1) week.
7. The size of avatars must be 150x250.
8. All avatars should contain the text "XZ" or "Myxz"
Moderator + are excluded from this rule.
9. Follow the example application below.

Example application:
1. Link to picture
2. Text


TyasZor - Team Leader






All applications for avatars are shown above the team, only topic