2016.02.04 - 2016 HDSPad Mobile Video Team sincerely recruit personnel repression
In order to provide faster and better for everyone to move high quality MP4 video format, HDSPad group expects to recruit a number of mobile video suppress personnel HDSkyer welcome you to join! Join requirements: 1. Have suppress experience can be, for no experience provides introductory tutorial learning and guidance; 2. The Panel video disc using the original pressing, the minimum CPU requirements for desktop or notebook Core i5 i7, a minimum of 20Mbps network bandwidth downstream / 2Mbps upstream; 3. the recruiting company serving staff, students and friends declined; 4. have enough spare time to complete the task of repression, refused to heat for three minutes, there is a monthly minimum mission requirements, if something important may leave, for two consecutive month non-compliance will be asked to leave the Panel; 5. strong ability to learn! In particular, can self-study, searches and able to solve problems independently; 6. The software used mostly English software, and therefore need to have some foundation in English. For more information, please see the following links