On October 29th, 2014, we celebrated the astonishing accomplishment of two million torrents uploaded. Today, we are very proud to announce that we have more than 1 million unique music releases on the site. This accomplishment is attributed to every uploader, whether it's 1 or 1000 releases. It's you who, every day, find new music to upload, from the latest WEB release to the carefully ripped, long forgotten vinyl.

We want to recognize the member who uploaded the millionth release, Jim_007. For this accomplishment, we are granting him a special guest pick, which you will find below.

We also want to thank our most prolific uploaders, the Torrent Masters. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. With this round of picks, we want to say: thank you, and keep up the awesome work!

And finally, as much as What.CD runs on and uploads, it's also solely funded by user contributions. All funds are invested towards maintenance and hosting, and without your support What.CD would have ceased to exist a long time ago. To conclude this celebration, we are very pleased to present the 9th installment of the Special Donor picks.

Enjoy the music!