RNS Site Changes!

Dear RNS members,

As you will no doubt have seen there is some serious discontent amongst our uploaders and staff concerning the way that normal members of RNS interact with the site.

Unfortunately we seem not to be able to get out of the me, me, me rut that has been generated by years of TPB and Demonoid sites. That is, grab what you can, seed if you really truly HAVE to for the minimum time possible and then delete the torrent from your client, DO NOT EVER upload ANYTHING, DO NOT EVER donate anything, DO NOT EVER say thank you to the uploader .... need I carry on?

I DO know and appreciate that this does certainly not apply to everyone, I am totally excluding the 40 or so people that tirelessly donate and/or supply the rest of our members with the books they want.

However this situation cannot be allowed to continue. People need to realise that this is a private tracker and as such we do not cater to the TPB mentality. Our motto happens to be : "SHARING IS CARING".

Can you honestly sit down, look yourself in the eye and say " I DID share, and I care" ? Or are you just grabbing what you want and to hell with the rest? We launched an awesome competition this month to try and get you to upload some books, and so far, folks, I'm afraid 3 people bothered. Thank you to them !! But what about the rest?

We are NOT asking for the newest, the best, the greatest, we are asking for ANY BOOKS. Text, politics, manuals, old series, OLD bestsellers, people, not everyone has read that really great novel you have from 1976 !!!!!! SHARE IT !!!!

Unfortunately it has now come to the point where we, the staff, in conjunction with our important members that are actively uploading and/or donating, have decided that new, and maybe yes, drastic measures are needed. A lot of "freeloaders" will not like this, and all I can say is sorry, but you actually caused this to happen with the wrong attitude!
All is not lost however, as you will see, there are some great advantages too !!

THESE are the proposed changes:

No more VIP !!!
As of 1 March we will no longer be marking books into VIP, as we feel that people who are actively uploading and/or donating ARE VIP so .... as existing VIP runs out on books, they will not be marked VIP again. There may however be some books that individual uploaders feel should only be available to donators and that is not our choice but that of the individual uploading.

People will now say but then what's the point of donating? A donation will not only gain you a lot of points, but also credit for download, freeleech for the period, immunity against hit and run and a change in your status so everyone can see you are a carer.

Requests will be open to everyone !!!
Until now, this has been a VIP only function, from now on, anyone will have access to this.

No more Seed Bonus !!!
As of 1 March this site will no longer give a seed bonus for books that are being seeded.
BUT you will still need to seed for the requisite period since you will otherwise accumulate Hit and Runs and well, have to bear the consequences.

No change in download cost !!!
As of 1 March all downloads will cost you 5 karma points as they always have.
You will thus still be able to download to your heart's content provided you have enough points AND you have a valid ratio, which you will only be able to get IF you seed and someone else downloads that book.
However, as you will no longer be earning seed bonus, you are going to need to start uploading soon, an upload will earn you 15 points thus enabling you to download 3 books for every one you upload. Nice ratio, that.
Or you can simply donate and get points that way. Your choice completely. You will realize that should you choose to do neither, you are very soon going to be totally unable to get any of the incredible content we offer and will continue to offer those who choose to be an active part of building a really good website.

Any questions as to ratio etc. are addressed in the rules and FAQ.

We truly regret having to follow this route but RNS simply cannot carry on feeding books to thousands of people who honestly couldn't care less about giving a book to someone else, only wanting books for themselves.

We feel the new rules will open up a new age for the site where we will be able to offer everyone so much more than before.

The Golden Rule of Torrenting is and always has been :


Do YOU care?

PS: We also realise that there MAY possibly be people that can not do either. CONTACT STAFF. If we should review your case and find that your reasons are valid, we will help you, always.