By popular demand I have now added a 3DS|CIA category and I am in the process of moving existing 3DS games in the CIA file format to the new category. If you are an uploader and you've uploaded any 3DS CIA files that I miss I'd be grateful if you could update the category for me. Any 3DS games that aren't in the CIA file format will remain in the normal 3DS category as usual.

For more details on 3DS CIA files or to comment please click here.

PS: Any multi games packs (usually over 5GB in size) where partial leeching is allowed are now going into the Packs category, this is the case with all titles, not just 3DS games.

Pirates IRC Game:

On a completely different note there's a brand new round of Pirates which will be starting on our IRC #games channel in approx 3 days at the time of writing and we need new crew members. If you wish to play it's advantageous to sign up now before the new round begins. For more about the game and how to play please see for the official website. Good luck!