Heya all,

If you want the full power of the search please see the guide in our forum

Our Devs have been hard at work getting the new search and upload form working and after having all you wonderful members doing some beta testing we have just pushed them live.

The new search is a LOT more accurate and should find everything so if you tried to find something before and it wasnt here have another go
The new upload form should be a lot easier to use so let us know what you think!

If you find any technical problems please post them in the bugs forum. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO POST A LINK TO ANY SEARCHES THAT DONT WORK AS EXPECTED.

If you have any requests for the new search or upload form please post them in the feature requests forum

Please remember if you post in the wrong place you will probably get ignored as the person who deals with your issue will not be seeing it!

Let us know what you think!!