Site News March 2016 - 8 hours and 15 mins ago
Hello Torrentshackers

Wow we are already into March 2016

While Bitcoin is our only donation method Shack faces the same issues as almost every torrent site out there. Last month we received some extremely generous donations and for the we thank those who contributed. All donations are generous and help us stay online and bring improvements to the site. Thanks to those donors we will be bringing more content and faster content real soon .

Running Costs
Previously the cost of running Torrentshack was 500 Euro per month, this was mainly hardware and access to content in which to bring the fastest releases. As previously mentioned we have accepted that we will never be able to sustain that with current income so this has been drawn back. Many people ask what the “100%” is on the donations bar. Often this has fluctuated, we have had it at barebones keep site online and now we are going to set it and keep you informed of any changes to this (last month it was 175 euro). As of today the bar is set to 250 Euro, this is what we need to bring more content and better hardware and speeds. Maintaining these costs is up to you all so if you can please donate (shameful begging , but yes every little helps, if we don’t get the donations we need to strip back again). The bar will be reflective on a rolling basis.

We can’t hear you !!!!
We would all love to hear more from our userbase. Every forum post now earns users 5 bonus points , so come on get chatting in the forums. We are still working on some nice goodies for the points, if you have any suggestions then shout out here: HERE

Wanna shoot some ducks ? Wanna earn some bonus points in our weekly quiz! Wanna see BoB take a total tantrum because the quiz bot ignores him, well come onto IRC for a chat. Quiz’s are held every Saturday at 6pm UK Time (GMT).

Leonardo Di Caprio
Well Leo gone and done it and won an Oscar. Well done Leo as much as it pains me

Leonardo was our pack of the month for February so why not check it out :

Look out for the upcoming poll for March’s pack of the month 

Again we ask that people don’t limit their upload speeds severly. We do acknowledge that some people need to limit these speeds to make the Internet usable at home however remember its file sharing guys so please consider this when lowering that limit !