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Dear Friends,

The last month of purchasing invites via the market has now come to an end. From now on, we will enforce the rules which were voted upon

After the last revision, the invite system will work like this:
Each class (except Runner ) will have a limited number of invites per year. The invite system will not be supervised by staff however, staff will have the right to refuse a user an invite request or cross check them with other friendly trackers in case of something suspicious.

So this will be the number of invites :

  • Grip: 1
  • Key Grip: 2
  • Camera Operator: 2
  • Boom Operator: 4
  • Gaffer: 4
  • Engineer: 5


Special Classes

  • Assistant Producer - 10
  • Donor - Unlimited (You know we’ve never tried to bribe people into donating as we can pay for the servers out of our own pocket. But we feel those who want to contribute to our community in this way should have some sort of privilege. They will of course follow the same system just like everyone else.)
  • Network Affiliate - 2
  • Editor - Unlimited (This class is reserved for releasers)

The first step of sending and invite will be manual, you will send a message to the staff and we will send you a form to complete. So for now you will need to send a message to the Staff Inbox. DO NOT message a staffer directly for an invite form, you may be warned if you do this.

The message should read something along the lines of:

Subject: Invite request
Message: “Hello Staff, I want to use one of my invites for a fellow co-worker.” or
“Hello Staff, I want to use one of my invite for a friend I met on PornHub.”

After that you will need to wait a max of 48 hours for the invite to be credited to your account.

One last note…this is the first revision of the system, so it can be discussed
here. Any updates or things we need to modify we will discuss on the forum and we will implement them during the next revision if necessary.

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
― Pablo Neruda