Its been six months since we introduced the system of reputation and we said that we will take a while to see how everything evolves. It is time to come out of beta and make some changes more than necessary. Initially I wanted to explain everything but it was too much to read and I did not want to be too tired, so I'll write just one problem that has reputation system and I decided to change to be perfect further.

I want to emphasize clearly that it was something new and most users have tolerated reputation playing with (and sometimes abuse). There are already 6 months and most of you have learned with the reputation system so there are no excuses today. Come out of beta and any abuses reputation will be taken very seriously.

Write clear to all: if a user is granted reputation helped you with something or helped the community in any way, or if that user has violated any rules of the site.
We are not absurd, tolerate + rep said something smart or funny or -rep certain posts unnecessary but do not overdo it made, you may have an unpleasant surprise.

Now let us return to the issue. The only problem was long-term system and was linked Reputation Power. It reaches (little effect seen already now after only 6 months) as active users have rep. very high power and will not be able to give negative rep for trivial stuff, like a off-topic or a minor breach of a rule. The can could give, but it would affect a user's reputation very, very hard. For example -100 to receive rep for off-topic and it's outrageous that user hardly longer returns. Prohibit with the kinds of situations these rules is totally unprofessional. Or are cases where users are spam, and have greater reputation as some users who always help in various other sections of the site. It is so absurd, so it's clearly something that needs to be repaired and as I mentioned will not tolerate abuse of reputation in any way.

Careful! Considering that come out of beta and I tolerated many abuses (which I have not punished), reset the reputation to all users. Everyone starts as a normal 6 months 10 reputation points. If it was necessary I would not have done that, but it's the right. I have 12,000 points of reputation and everything seems the fairest way. Negative reputation and those who have part of a new beginning. Do not mock him like never reset will not reputation.

I changed the reputation system:
It was reset option reputation for staff. If a user is abusing reputation will be reset once the time gets 2nd move / disable.
Rep. Power default is 5, before he was 0. Rep. Power is no longer used as value of rep. Rep. Power show just how cost you as a user to grant reputation.
For example: Suppose I rep. 50 power, reputation to a user agreement to pay a 50 FLCoins and all 50 FLCoins go to that user. Practically before if you had 50 rep power, granted to a user 50 reputation points or 50 points lower their reputation, that does not happen now.
Any user now give +1 or -1 points of reputation, regardless of rep. power or class.
It has increased the value of rep. power depending on the class. Basically how much bigger the class is paying more to grant reputation. Otherwise, the formula for calculating the rep. Power remains the same.
Spoiler (show)
If you help someone and say that a SysOp will give + rep, you will receive at least 55 FLCoins (grant exactly how rep. Has power). That's a small example to understand that people who help will be much better rewarded.
It was removed the option to grant reputation on a user's profile.

We began to pay benefits and restrictions (with time will be added):
Those who have less than -50 reputation will not be able to buy the shop.

It granted one FLCoin / time seedbonus system of more than 200 points of reputation.
Those who have over 500 points of reputation may apply only once rename the account, preserving jobs, ration etc. (Create a new ticket, you have the option to change username activated Ticket category).

This is all about, probably with time will make small adjustments where needed. The topic created can give us your opinion about the new changes, or if you have suggestions related to new benefits will listen.

A pleasant evening,