DanishBits Awards 2016 - Nominating:

Now is the time for various awards, Oscar awards, etc., and, therefore, it is also about time to Danish Bits comes with the awards wave.

First we have some nominated for the various categories and here it is important that as many people as possible offers in and come with their nominations for the various categories. Once the nomination is found, there will obviously be a vote on who you seem to be winning in the various categories.

There will be small prizes like VIP for 1-3 months, 25-100 GB, BONUS POINTS 1000-5000, CUSTOM TITLE to the winners who have earned it in the more positive categories, and the less positive categories that will probably not be so much to pick up more than you have to live with that all others have bragging rights until next year's Danish Bits Awards.

There can be nominated 5 in each category and those / they who gets the most nominations will be included in the final extraction of Danish Bits Awards 2016

So come and bid in with the film, which user or group to be nominated for the various categories!

Proposals may be submitted for nominations two weeks or forward until we think there is enough !

for details check our forum thread