We have news! As you are all aware, THC has been struggling with coding bugs and absent support for those issues for some time. We have had multiple crashes and each time another chunk of what made THC awesome has fallen off.

It turns out most of the bugs and problems we have are basically unfixable and the url we are currently using will become useless at some point in the future due to *insert lots of technical gubbins here*. Essentially, without taking action we would eventually lose the site completely. :weep:

This has led to the decision to solve all these issues in one hit by creating a new, fully-functioning, much improved site! Bjw has built us a cool-as-all-fuck new THC, loaded with most original THC features plus lots of new ones, tightened security, MUCH easier uploading, etc. We are now at the stage of having the bugs pretty much sorted, a good start has been made on refilling the tracker, a lot of the features have been adjusted to our needs and all that is left is you guys! :w00t:

The obvious downside here is that it means we are all pretty much starting from scratch, again; but, the silver lining to this shitcloud is that this time it hasn't been us trying to rebuild on shaky foundations with shitty tools after an uncontrolled clusterfuck. This time its a positive step being made with the ability to do this exactly how we want and knowing that it can't just disappear, thanks to the magic of The Beej! :clap2:

The new site is an almost blank slate and its just waiting for you all to come and splatter it in your sticky love for horror! We hope you all get involved and help to create a version of THC that works for everyone (and actually just works...)

The good news about having to re-upload our torrents is:

the new upload form is ridiculously easy to use
most of the info is auto-filled
you can copy/paste the descriptions straight from here

The forums are yours to make as interesting, useful and hilarious as you can!

So, if you click THIS you can sign up at the new site and check out all the new toys there are to play with, help find any remaining issues, suggest anything you think would benefit the site/members and be a part of getting the tracker full of horrory goodness once again!

Please sign up initially using your own IP address! If you go through a proxy you will be contacted by staff and asked to sign in with your own IP so the site can log it; if you do not do this your account will be deleted. Once we have record of your IP you are free to use proxies from then on.

Should no confirmation email be received (check junk/spam folders) or you have any issues with sign-up there will be people in irc ready to help out, just come tell us! gmail is preferred but not a must.

Once you have signed up and followed the instructions on the new site your stats and karma will be updated to what they are here so no-one will lose anything they have worked for.

The old site will remain in place temporarily to allow people to transfer over upload info but we ask that people now stop uploading to this site and do not invite anyone else here..

DO NOT DELETE ANY TORRENTS! All torrents are transferable and seeding can continue on the new site! (More info about this can be found on the new site forums)

We look forward to seeing you there!