Well, it's that time of the year again! When Photoshop pro's and MS Paint savants come together to create the winter holiday banner. This will be our third annual holiday banner contest, and we have a bunch of nice prizes in stock. And, since Christmas is around the corner, everyone who makes an effort and participates will receive 250,000 credits and 1 invite.


1st: VIP Promotion | 3,000,000 credits | 5 Invites | Voice on IRC | Custom Title
2nd: 2,000,000 credits | 3 Invites | Voice on IRC | Custom Title
3rd: 1,000,000 credits | 2 Invites | Custom Title
Other participants: 250,000 credits | 1 Invite


- You may enter as many banners as you wish
- You are free to use the current logo as a base
- The banner should have a holiday/winter theme
- It should be a single png or jpg file (It's recommended that you keep it on a transparent bg)
- The banner must be 980 pixels in width and the height shouldn't be more than 200 pixels
- The competition ends on December 1st (22:00 GMT)
- Post your entries in this thread

If you need some inspiration, have a look at the old entries from 2011 and 2010.