We have now blacklisted Transmission 2.90 after it's been reported that Mac versions downloaded from the official website have contained ransomware. If you are a Mac user that has downloaded this client please VERY urgently upgrade to the latest version which is currently Transmission 2.92 immediately, if you fail to do this and you are infected you will soon find your files encrypted with instructions to pay 1 bitcoin (currently approx 400 USD at the time of writing) in order to get your files back. Upgrading to the latest version will disinfect your Mac.

Even though the malware only affects Mac users it is impossible for our tracker to distinguish between the Mac, Linux and Windows version of Transmission 2.90 so everyone using this version will now need to upgrade to Transmission 2.92 in order continue using BCG.

Update: Mac users who have upgraded from Transmission 2.90 to 2.91 may still be infected! Only installing Transmission 2.92 will remove the ransomware at the time of writing and therefore Transmission 2.91 is also blacklisted on BCG.

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