Greetings from us!
As many already know, the implementation of FLCoins is received 1 comment and 1 per FLC FLC per post forum (in addition to other ways of getting), but the system was changed a few months ago.
Many spamează with "up thanks" strict hoping to get the precious coins, so we will have to mention again, that's not the case: FLCoins are granted for comments and posts.
Please stop spam because it actually does not help anybody: neither you (on the contrary, spam is against the rules and can be punished by -rep from the community without being considered an abuse of the system) nor others users who instead see opinions about film / quality etc, see pages and pages of useless comments.
How to obtain the FLC are strictly following:
Receive FLCoins per hour for each full torrent (all downloaded files) that you have to seed. The bonus is given as follows:
- 0.2 FLCoins per hour for each torrent, and indicated that the bonus only applies to 10 torrents;
- 1.0 FLCoins per hour if the total size of torrents (total size full torrents kept seeding) is 50GB or higher;
- 0.2 FLCoins per hour for each 50GB which you keep the seed (up to 1TB);
- 1.0 FLCoins per hour if you have 200 reputation points or more.
[---- FLCoin (s)] activities organized by Staff (contests, reviews, posting a tutorial etc).
[---- FLCoin (s)] iRC Activities (idle, mini games, sports betting, etc).
[---- FLCoin (s)] reputation system.
[1.0 FLCoin (s)] Adding subtitles.
[0.5 FLCoin (s)] Pressing the "Thanks" torrents *.
[10.0 FLCoin (s)] Upload a torrent.
[15.0 FLCoin (s)] Completing a request.
* The "thanks" appears only after the torrent has been downloaded by the user. So, if you download a torrent, you can not use the button. Also, a user can give thanks than 5 / hour.
FLCoins full details can be found in the Shop.
We apologize for repeating an old ad, but we would not be resorted to unless you would really proved necessary.
Hopefully now everything is clear and will ignore the annoying practice to fill whole pages with comments without utility.
We wish you a good evening as,
FileList Staff!