Hello guys!

Is information only serves to alert users to have attention to their shares and especially the HIT & RUN, need not always have the torrents to sow 24 hours a day.

I also want to warn that shortages of respect to any member of STAFF especially because of HIT & RUN will be disabled at the time.

The system is detecting the user who has not complied with one of the rules of HIT & RUN and goes to a listing of hundreds of HITS, the STAFF member just click to be sent notices and their Gold locks, and how to calculate the member of the STAFF will not open each user profiles to see whatever it is, because so was not anything in life.

I hope you understand, because what is intended is that sharing prevail.

And now the information FAQ.

Read here:


What is Hit & Runs?

They are marked by the automated system as Hit & Runners all users who complete a torrent and stop seeding.

The Staff works to these situations with the following criteria:

- You finished the torrent and stopped sowing, whether or not leechers (users to draw) assets;
- The user has been inactive on that torrent more than 36 hours;
- The user of this torrent Ratio is less than 0.50 or upload time this torrent is less than 72 hours (real). [SEE NOTE]

Whenever one of the above conditions are met, the user receives a warning two days.

During this time gets a download block in torrents Gold

PM automatically alerting him to the situation and thus loses 5 points Seed Bonus will be sent.

Given the recurrence in such cases is subject to any user view your blocked downloads for 3 days or more.

And before higher recurrence in such cases is subject to any user view your disabled account.


- Please note that actual 72h are not the same as three days, but the actual hours that the torrent is available.
- If only available one hour a day, it will take 72 days to fulfill this requirement, if the torrent is maintained with ratio less than 0.50.
- The torrent may be available only one time each day, the computer is turned on day and night is not necessary.
- You can not be off more than 24 hours straight while the individual torrent ratio is less than 0.50.