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    SCC: News

    New partnership with

    SceneAccess is happy to announce a new partnership with an excellent seedbox provider is a brand new provider offering top price/quality on the seedbox market. We tested them thoroughly along with others and picked them as our number 1. Unlike other seedbox providers, who offer shared slots, seedb0x offers a seedbox VPS (virtual private server). That means you get full root access and can install anything you like on your VPS.

    Seedb0x convinced us thanks to the blasting speeds (20Gbps), variety of reasonably priced plans (capacity and performance oriented) and great selection of easily installable applications (ruTorrent, Deluge, Plex, FileGator, OpenVPN, OwnCloud, Remote Desktop, and more). Seedb0x control panel is the best we have seen, as straightforward and efficient as it gets. All in all, a great service for pros and newbies alike.

    As a part of our affiliate agreement, each SCC member to make a purchase in excess of 20 euros at
    Seedb0x will be granted a SCC donor status, which means free leech on ARCHIVE and MP3/0DAY sections and access to movies and charts pages. If you already donated to SCC, you will get 1 week of Scene God status (freeleech on all sections) and 1 invite. To receive the gifts, just send a message to SK or Neptune with the email you used for seedb0x and your seedbox ip.

    Use the following coupon code (exclusive to SCC members) to get 10% discount: SCC. The coupon is valid for 1 month.

    UPDATE: PayPal payments are working again.

    Let us know what you think

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    Looks awesome seedbox .will check it out

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    Small upload traffic limit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nekerme View Post
    Small upload traffic limit.
    no it has good seedboxe plans

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