Good expensive users, this is the last time that we inform you on this subject have already been sent four messages and was on the first page for several months. The administration of Scene-Rush, BitTorrent National Tracker, informs that was forced to disable most versions recent certain torrent clients. being interfering with the tracker because they present problems. We are stating this version of Utorrent 2.2.1 in various links HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE . And to the MAC Utorrent version 1.8 HERE NOTE: you can test other versions without these we advise, if you do not stay with the torrents red is because the version gives. You just can not install it is the latest version. They also have information here in the forum to change the version of uTorrent and be the same with torrents in sowing Read HERE inform you that to solve the nickname of the problem " pink " will make follows.