Fellow members, BakaBT has received a large scale DMCA takedown notice, amounting to almost 95% of our entire content.
For the past week we have been looking in to the validity of these claims, and unfortunately it seems that the claim is established. Our service provider informed us about possible legal action should we fail to comply.

Due to a very high possibility of servers being confiscated, and in an effort to protect the privacy of our users while trying to keep BakaBT alive, we have decided to strip the tracker component from our service list. We will still strive to keep BakaBT the best place to look up information on the best possible releases, host screenshots and vivid descriptions, however for the actual content you will have to turn to other sources, like XDCC.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you and hope that you will still support BakaBT in its new chapter.

-BakaBT Staff