You may have noticed that we have had some seeding issues recently. There was a configuration error on our initial seeding server which is why 90% of our torrents had 0 seeds. This was caused by an update which was installed automatically.

The issue has now been resolved and most of the torrents should now be seeding. If you see a torrent with 0 seeds that you want to download then please use the report torrent button on the torrent page and we will endeavor to fix it.

We are sorry it took this long to resolve and we have put measures in place to alert the correct people faster to resolve problems sooner should it happen in the future.

In light of the issues.....

Global Freeleech!
From now until April 30th ALL torrents are freeleech! That means anything you download will not count against your ratio! Upload will continue to count. Keep in mind that seeding rules STILL apply!