Microsoft has announced at the Build 2016 conference this week that the next major update for Windows 10 would be called “Anniversary Update” and the company even presented some of the changes that would be part of this release.

But there’s more coming in this update and Microsoft software engineer Jen Gentleman has revealed on Twitter that Windows 10 will also get taskbar badges for universal apps.

Specifically, this means that universal apps running on your desktop will have a small badge next to their taskbar icon that will represent the number of unread notifications. This certainly comes in handy for apps such as Outlook, where you can easily notice how many emails you have to read without actually launching the app itself.
Jen said that this feature is “coming soon” in Windows 10, but she most likely meant that insiders will receive it in a coming preview build, as Microsoft wants to test everything before rolling out new improvements to retail users. This means that one of the next builds could indeed come with such functionality, while those who are running the stable version of Windows 10 would get it with the upcoming Anniversary Update.
As far as the release date of this update is concerned, rumor has it that July is the target, but Microsoft is yet to provide any information in this regard.