Microsoft has decided to hold back the release of a Windows 10 Mobile build this week because of a cellular data bug, but the company has explained that a new version is very likely to arrive in just a few days.

And although no information has been provided on what this upcoming build could bring new to the table, new screenshots published by Plaffo reveal that that one of the apps getting particular attention these days is the Edge browser.

As you probably know if you’re a Windows insider, Edge browser is being improved significantly on the desktop, with extensions clearly being the most important addition to the new default Windows 10 browser. But since Microsoft’s trying to keep all its devices in sync, tweaks to the mobile version are also provided, and the upcoming build is expected to deliver them.
Small changes for now The screenshots show that Microsoft will be adding new options to sort favorites in Edge browser, as well as a new button to “Go forward” when browsing websites. This latter option allows you to quickly reload a website that you’ve previously visited and is quite an essential feature in a browser.
Without a doubt, these are just small improvements, but they do contribute to an enhanced experience on Windows 10 Mobile.
We’ve received quite a lot of questions from our readers regarding the availability of browser extensions on Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft confirmed last year that it wanted to bring extensions for Edge on mobile devices too, but the company clearly stated that the plan was to first release them on PCs, and only then focus on other devices.
On desktop computers, browser extensions are scheduled to land in the summer with the Anniversary Update, so expect the Windows team to focus more on bringing them on mobile devices after this new PC update hits the market.