If you’re on Windows 10, you probably noticed that new app updates ship much more frequently than before, mostly thanks to Microsoft’s new Windows as a Service approach that brings improvements to users exactly when they are ready.

That’s what’s happening today, as Microsoft has just rolled out a new update for the pre-installed Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app, but also for OneNote, only a few days after the two received another set of improvements.

Details regarding the contents of these updates are not available, but this shouldn’t be a big surprise because only a small percent of app updates on Windows 10 actually come with release notes.
What we can tell for sure, however, is that both updates come with performance improvements and optimizations, so there’s no doubt that everyone should install them as soon as possible. Furthermore, they are expected to correct some of the bugs reported in the previous versions and this makes both quite critical for those who expect flawless performance from Windows Store apps.
Just like before, the new versions are shipped to Windows 10 devices through the integrated store, so fire up the Windows Store and get them as soon as possible. In the default configuration, the store automatically downloads app updates, so the chances are they’re already there if you haven’t changed the settings.