Microsoft has just announced that Windows 10 1511, also known as the November Update or Threshold 2, is now a Current Branch for Business (CBB) release, which means that all computers using this setting can start deploying this version.

The November Update has been until now available only for the Current Branch (also known as CB), and Microsoft says that this helped organizations pilot deployments and prepare for the release.

“Today, we are happy to announce that the Windows 10 version 1511 feature update (build 10586), released in November 2015, has been officially declared as Current Branch for Business (CBB), ready for organizations to begin deploying broadly. For most organizations, no specific action is needed as a result of this declaration - you just need to understand the impact of this declaration,” the company explains.
As part of this release, Microsoft will publish updated media for Windows 10 1511 in the coming weeks, and they will be shipped to computers enrolled in CBB through Windows Update, Windows Update for Business Windows Server Update Services, VLSC, and MSDN.

March cumulative update included What’s important to know is that the updated media will include both the November Update and the March cumulative update KB3140768, which at this point is the latest update released for the operating system.
This means that computers running the November Update already only need to deploy the cumulative update. Microsoft says that IT admins who don’t want to wait for the new media can simply deploy Windows 10 1511 and inject the cumulative update in the installation image or install it manually afterward.
“For devices already running Windows 10 version 1511, deployed before the CBB declaration, no action is required other than standard monthly servicing. With the installation of the March cumulative update (KB3140768) or any later cumulative update, the device is already running the equivalent of what was declared as CBB,” it adds.
There’s no specific date for when Microsoft is planning to release the updated media, but we’ll let you know when this happens with an update to this article.