Microsoft is working to make the Windows Store the one destination for everything on Windows 10, including apps, games, music, movies, and browser extensions, and as the store grows, the company is also looking into new ways to improve users’ experience with it.

Right now, the software giant seems to be working on another visual revamp of the store that’s supposed to make finding high-quality apps easier, so it’s planning to redesign both the main UI and the product page. Screenshots posted by Twitter user @tfwboredom reveal a new Windows 10 Store design that better highlights the top apps but, at the same time, also uses the available screen space in a more effective manner.

The app’s listing, for example, now comes with screenshots below the header, so information that is more relevant to the user, such as app details, publish information, release date, Windows 10 support, and developer’s description are now the main things users see after clicking an entry in the store.

More visual changes to the store very likely Without any doubt, what we see here is still being worked on behind closed doors, so it could easily change before users actually receive it, as Microsoft’s currently testing quite a lot of ideas to see which ones are well received by insiders.
And speaking of insiders, they are likely to be the first getting this new Windows Store design in a future build, but for the moment, it’s just too early to tell whether this overhaul can be included in the next build already or in a future one.
What we know for sure is that retail users are expected to see these changes in the Windows Store with the Anniversary Update coming in the summer and bringing so many other improvements, including desktop apps in the store ported with Project Centennial. The Anniversary Update is also projected to bring extensions in the store, so some other changes to better highlight this new addition are also expected.