WhatsApp for Windows Phone has recently received a new update which, although it comes without a change log, seems to bring several important changes for customers running Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Currently at version 2.16.10, WhatsApp for Windows Phone is getting updated regularly, not necessarily with new features, but with improvements and bug fixes supposed to refine the experience we get on devices powered by this OS.

And this new update seems to do the exact same thing, as users posting in this reddit thread claim that WhatsApp focused specifically on improving the way conversation looks on different screen sizes and DPI settings.
It’s no secret that in some cases, the text used by WhatsApp is enormous and you barely see a few lines in every conversation, but it appears that the present update improves this behavior. According to one user, “text now scales according to the phone’s settings, so it’s not ridiculously large anymore.”
And yet, not everyone seems to get these fixes, which could be an indication that WhatsApp only improved the way DPI settings are handled on specific models. More Windows Phone devices could get these enhancements in the coming versions, and judging from WhatsApp’s focus on Windows Phone, new releases should land very soon.
As usual, the update is shipped through the store, so make sure you install it as soon as possible to see if it makes any difference in terms of font size.