Microsoft announced the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 at Build 2016, but the company hasn’t provided any details on when exactly this new version could land.

But information coming from people close to the matter indicated that a July launch was considered and new details provided on a Microsoft website now seem to confirm that this is indeed very likely.

A Microsoft roadmap spotted by @h0x0d (via WinBeta) indicates that the software giant is planning some big changes to Cortana (which are likely to be introduced with the Anniversary Update), and all these improvements are projected to debut in July.
“Cortana is also the best digital assistant at reminders, letting you set them in more ways including by pen, and [coming in July 2016] pulling reminder-relevant info from emails so you have the details at hand. And you can instantly capture your ideas by voice just by telling Cortana to take a note,” the roadmap page reads (emphasis is ours).
July makes sense Although Microsoft still wants to remain tight-lipped for the moment when it comes to the release of the Anniversary Update, the July date actually makes sense given the fact that Windows 10 turns one during the month. Furthermore, Microsoft ends the free upgrade promo on July 29, so releasing an update that brings new features is the best way to convince more people to install Windows 10 at the very last minute.
There is a reason the company doesn’t want to share more information on the release date of the Anniversary Update: work on this version is still under way and in case major bugs are found, it can easily push back the launch for a few more days without anyone knowing about it.
It’s a known fact that missing a deadline is not well received by the community and it already happened several times during the development process of Windows 10 to launch preview builds later than planned, so Microsoft clearly wants to avoid this with the Anniversary Update.
For the moment, all we know for sure is that the Anniversary Update is landing in the summer, so we shouldn’t be too far away from the moment this happens.