Nintendo is busy preparing for the full reveal of the new NX gaming platform, which means the company is not too interested in talking its major video game projects, even if they were first revealed years ago like the new Legend of Zelda.

Now Emily Rogers, who has been one of the long-running observers of the company's moves, claims on Twitter that the coming Link powered reboot will be playable on both the hardware devices, with gamers able to choose which one suits them best.
The source claims to have confirmation from a lot of other insiders who are involved with the new Legend of Zelda and they are also saying that gamers will be able to choose between playing as a male or female protagonist when starting the story mode.
Finally, Rogers, who had talked about a new Paper Mario before Color Splash was officially revealed, adds that voice acting for the entire cast is being created but none will be used for Link.
As always, Nintendo is not commenting on rumors and speculation and will probably only talk more about the way Zelda is going when it makes an official announcement about the NX and the way the Wii U will continue to evolve.
Nintendo aims to once again become a contender Legend of Zelda is set to offer a unique take on an open world experience, with Link able to explore a complex world while dealing with challenges and enemies, but the company has only shown limited footage and has not talked about the game mechanics too much.
It's likely that the video game will be used to show off the new features that will be part of the NX but again Nintendo is keeping quiet about its long-term plans.
Rumors are saying that the new platform is comparable in terms of power with the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 from Sony and that a launch date will be set before the end of summer.
The NX will have unique features and Nintendo is aiming to sell more than 12 million units during its first year of life, which is a solid number given the limited impact of the Wii U.
In order to do that, the company needs to make sure that it has a very solid set of launch titles available and we might see a new major Mario title announced in the coming months to keep The Legend of Zelda company.