Nintendo has not delivered any kind of official information about its NX platform recently, and that means there's plenty of space for rumors and speculation to spread in order to satisfy the need for details that many gamers have.

A new post on Reddit, which might be seen as more trustworthy because it has since been removed, says that the graphics processing unit in the new home console will be created by AMD and will apparently be able to render content in 4K resolution.
It seems that this will be possible only for simple video games, and that for others, the NX will use upscaling in order to fit the resolution, which is also rumored to be the way the PlayStation 4 will achieve the feat.
The post also states that those working with development prototypes of the new Nintendo device are provided with 6 to 8 GB of RAM memory, although some extra restrictions might be applied when a consumer version of the platform is finally revealed and launched.
The Japanese company is also looking for a new way to power player interactions on the NX, eliminating the classic Friend Codes in favor of a new solution that will allow gamers to only add people they actually know and want to play with to their list.
An official announcement from Nintendo is coming soon The source also claims that the company is ready to show the device in an official setting and that this might happen before the end of the month, which would confirm some of the details about the hardware power and the features of the platform.
Other rumors are saying that production on the NX will start before the end of spring, with the reveal set for E3 2016 in June and the official launch projected to take place before the end of the summer.
Nintendo has recently said that it still plans to support the Wii U in the long term, but it's clear that the console has failed to deliver the expected sales so far.
2016 might also witness the launch of a new version of the PlayStation 4, dubbed the 4K, because of its video capabilities, and it is rumored to be priced at 499 dollars or Euro and would also have extra power for virtual reality experiences.
Microsoft has also said that it is interested in offering an upgraded version of the Xbox One, but it seems that the company is still exploring the idea rather than actually working on hardware.