The developers at Massive working on The Division are acknowledging that the daily missions associated with The Division are no longer active and that a fix is only coming when the April update for the game launches in about two days’ time. This means some high-level players will have less of a reason to engage with the shooter until then.

The title uses two hard and one challenge level engagements in order to keep the community hyped and delivers both Phoenix Credits and purple and yellow loot for all those who are good enough to finish them.
The fact that the daily missions for The Division are not active is a problem for high-level players who are using them to improve their character. There are some who have been asking Ubisoft to deliver some form of compensation for the rewards that they are missing, although at the moment, the team seems to have no such plan.
The April update for the shooter, which is the first of two major planned content drops that will also feature bug fixing and balancing changes, will be offered on April 12, and a three-hour downtime for the servers is required to implement all the tweaks.
The Division aims for long-term player engagements The loss of daily missions is a problem if it happens again because, as more gamers move towards the level cap and finish the content the game has to provide, Ubisoft needs to offer clear reasons for them to return and engage with the core mechanics.
The April update for The Division will introduce the first incursion for the game, called Falcon Lost, which is designed for powerful groups of gamers and is so tough that one of the lead designers has not yet managed to complete it.
Players who are part of a group also get a way to trade items between themselves, although a rather inelegant one, and there are changes to the crafting ecosystem of the multiplayer shooter.
New gear sets are also coming to The Division, designed to suit specific builds, and the Dark Zone PvP area is also getting some modifications when it comes to loot.
In May, a second incursion is being added to the game for free, and Ubisoft is aiming to introduce a number of other new features. Starting June, players will be able to pick up the first paid for DLC pack, called Underground, with a new faction to fight and more areas to explore.