An update for the official Netflix app for Windows and Windows Phone is now available in stores, bringing a set of improvements on both desktops and smartphones.

Just as Microsoft has been doing since it launched Windows 10, Netflix hasn’t provided a change log for this update, but we’re hearing from some users that this new version actually fixes some critical issues causing the app to crash when opening the settings screen.
Without a change log, however, it’s hard to tell for sure whether these problems have been fixed or not, but everyone is obviously recommended to download and install the new version as soon as possible, especially given the fact that it improves performance and corrects issues.
At this point, the PC version is 6.8.41 while the phone sibling has reached, so if you’re not yet running these two, make sure you update as soon as possible.
Netflix is one of the companies that have always supported Windows Phone, and it rolls out fixes and improvements to its official apps every once in a while, and this is clearly a good thing, given the fact that lots of subscribers are using Microsoft’s platform.
As usual, the updates are being shipped through the store, and in case you are using the default configuration, the update might already be there on your PC.