Expanding the emoticon collection in Windows 10 has become some sort of priority for Microsoft, as the operating system receives improvements in this regard every once in a while, and new smiley faces are being added first for insiders, and then for retail users.

The latest builds have brought some new emoticons too, and as EmojiPedia has noticed, the operating system now comes with ninja cat emojis too in order to celebrate the famous character that was introduced during the Windows Insider program.
There are six different ninja cat emojis that are part of Windows 10 for the moment, including the standard ninja cat, but also the same character flying, at a computer, on a dragon, with coffee, and in space.
“You might have figured based on the way these are shown above on most platforms, these have been implemented as Zero Width Joiner sequences. Each combines the 🐱 Cat Face with another emoji such as the 👤 Bust in Silhouette or 🚀 Rocket to make a new character,” the source mentions.
New design language in Anniversary Update The upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring a new emoji design language that uses a black stroke around each character for what seems to be a more flat look.
Microsoft has already confirmed that it’s working on a new emoticon design, explaining that it wants all emojis to be detailed, expressive and playful. Skin tone modifications are obviously supported, and so is the middle-finger emoticon.
“We wanted to share some cool work from our design team that is showing up in this build. We are updating the entire set of font-based emoji in Windows 10 that aligns with the Microsoft Design Language with a distinct visual style as well as the Unicode standard,” Microsoft says.
The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is scheduled to debut in the summer, but Microsoft hasn’t yet provided any information on its release date. It’s expected to see daylight in July