There are zero details available at this point about the third-generation Microsoft Band, but there’s no doubt that the software giant is already working on it, especially given the success of the first two models.

And while the Microsoft Band 3 is expected to see daylight along with the next Surface Book and Surface Pro versions (which, according to people close to the matter, should happen in spring 2017), everyone hopes that the company will go for a more significant overhaul of the device.
As compared to the first generation, the Band 2 is all about the improved design with a curved screen while the feature lineup is almost the same, with one exception: the new model features a barometer sensor, so it measures elevation much more accurately.
Waterproofing for Microsoft’s Band When talking about features of the next-generation Band, most users already know what they want: a slimmed-down clasp, better build quality, and waterproofing.
The first two are needed not only to make the device more comfortable but also to make it feel more premium and modern, as the current version is already experiencing some issues, mostly because of the rather less durable rubber material.
But as far as waterproofing is concerned, this is exactly the feature that the Band needs to become the kind of device that buyers can wear all the time and to be a fully featured fitness tracker.
Why waterproofing is needed Since it’s an activity tracker, it simply makes sense for the Band to be waterproofed, especially since some want to use it in the rain. The device can already withstand a certain amount of water, but you’re certainly not recommended to take a shower with the Band, so it’s not a surprise that nobody’s feeling comfortable when riding a bike in the rain and wearing the Band.
Then, if Microsoft makes it water resistant, then it can add support for even more sports, such as swimming. This would clearly bring in more buyers, especially given the fact that there are only a few activity trackers that provide support for swimming and offer the great features that the Band already has.
And since there are only a few devices with swimming support, notifications, and a rich feature lineup like the Band, Microsoft can get a big advantage in this continuously growing market.
Apple Watch is expected to receive a major redesign sometime this year, but everyone seems to be pointing to small changes in terms of looks and features. And while the Apple Watch and Microsoft Band aren’t exactly direct rivals, since the latter is more of an activity tracker, waterproofing could easily bring in more buyers just because you can wear it all the time.
Of course, this involves making the Band more comfortable, so many more improvements would be needed. Microsoft still has time to develop a full overhaul of the Band, so it’ll be interesting to see if the company is indeed planning to go in this direction or stick to its rather traditional approach.